Healthy Eating

Too many people in the Arrowhead region of Minnesota cannot find fresh fruits and vegetables near their homes, or what they can find is limited and expensive. Therefore, SHIP works with communities to increase access to and consumption of fruits and vegetables through farmers markets, healthy corner store initiatives and community gardens.


  • Learn more about local food systems framework, and the benefits of the food system to consumers, farmers as well as environment and health impacts.
  • Stay in the loop about funding opportunities, webinars, local groups, and more. Reach out to your local SHIP coordinator for more information.


  • Food RX is a food prescription program that uses screening tools to identify patients with high needs and connects them with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Place-based solutions to provide nutritious food such as the SuperShelf model, to make healthy options more appealing and easier to get to.
  • Food Policy Options to create a thriving food system in the Northeast region


  • Connecting communities with more fruits and vegetables.
  • Working with partners, such as the U of M Extension, RSDP, and the Regional Business Food Center to distribute information and group facilitation support for organizations and community members that work to develop local food systems

Local Food Systems In Action


improving together

The Northeast SHIP chapter has many partners working on nutrition and food security, including the Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency (AEOA), U of M Extension, Renewing the Countryside, and NorthSpan, supported by funding through the Regional Food Business Center.

Imagine That...

Decades ago, people in your neighborhood could walk to corner grocery stores and buy fresh produce. Over time, those small stores closed as supermarkets opened much farther away from where you live.

Sometimes you ride with your neighbor to the other side of town to shop for groceries. One day they tell you that a community organization is looking for residents to share their experiences and ideas about food access.

Six months later you’re part of a group planning to open a new neighborhood grocery store. Residents, community organizations, NE SHIP, and contractors are gathering together to review possible store designs.

Reach out to learn more about how SHIP can support your efforts to make healthy food options available to everyone in your community.

Key Tips to remember

Find your nearest farmers market

Buying fresh produce at your nearest farmers market supports farmers and brings healthy, fresh produce right to your table. Learn more about where your nearest farmers market is at this link.

Locate your nearest Food HUB

Click here to find your location on the map: Hub Routes - Google My Maps

Get involved

Do you feel passionate about local food systems, nutrition security, or consuming fresh fruits and vegetables? The best way to get involved, is to get connected. Reach out to your local SHIP coordinator for ways to transform and inspire change in your community.

Tell Us Your Idea


Find out how you can work with the Northeast SHIP team to have better access to healthy food options in your community. SHIP staff are available to meet and connect with you based on your questions, or other needs.

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