CLT Member Spotlight: Jenna Udenberg


May 10, 2024

Jenna Udenberg is a 2016 Miller-Dwan Journey Award Winner, 2017 Blandin Community Leader, and 2020 Bush Fellow. After 19 years as a music educator, Jenna became a disability activist and accessibility educator. She created the non-profit, Above &Beyond With U, to create and promote accessibility and inclusion on the North Shore and beyond.

Jenna is also a published author. Within My Spokes: A Tapestry of Pain, Growth & Freedom is her memoir, and she writes a column, "Local View from 4 foot 2," for theLake County Press. Jenna and Above & Beyond With U partner with many state and local agencies, organizations, businesses, and local governments.

When Jenna isn’t in meetings or writing, you can find her out on the paved accessible trails using her Firefly or having “naturely” adventures with friends. You can also find her coaching the LEGO robotics team, the Robo Dweebs, or mentoring and judging robotics competitions. She loves seeing people thriving in community because they are wanted, valued, and safe. Connect with Jenna at Above & Beyond With U.

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